Montag, Juni 04, 2012

Impressions from March

How glad I was to spot  first signs of sping arriving after a long and grey winter

 The first trees blossoming.

Impressions from February

Nothing is better than a visit to the zoo and the greenhouses to bring some warmth, flowers and colours into those grey, cold and windy February days. 

I have to admit than  unlike the kids I like the greenhouses far better than all the animals. We are lucky to live close to the Wilhelma in Stuttgart which not only has lots of animals but also lots of greenhouses and landscaped gardens.

As Germany does not boast a tropical climate we have to resort to the zoo and greenhouses to enjoy some of the flowers that for some of you in South East Asia are nothing special at all.

The orchids were in full bloom and I was really happy that I got the kids interested in the flowers and plants by letting them choose the one which they find most beautiful. All the sudden they were really attentive and enthusiastic pointing out all the beautiful flowers.

The kids and me particularly enjoyed watching the Koi in the huge Koi pond in my favourite greenhouse. The shimmering colours of the Koi and their elegant movements kept us fascinated for a long time.
Watching those Koi makes me so relaxed and tranquil-I could watch them for hours. 

This one was my favourite one:

The Camelia were also in full bloom

When we left the greenhouses we stumbled upon a peacock

How does your bento shelf look like?

I have been rummaging through my old pictures and found some from February(I have added more boxes and gear by now) featuring some of my bento gear and am wondering: how does your bento shelf a look like?
Sure I am not the only one addicted to collecting colourful bento gear and Asian bowls, plates...?

Bento # 18- I am back

It has been a long time since I last blogged . By now winter and even spring have passed and it is already summer . I have had some very hectic and busy months having to work and do my full time internship at school during my university term break instead of having some time off. To top it off I also to do some teacher training seminars and still go and work and my part time job as well.
At the end of March I was looking forward so much to my Easter holidays with 10 days off before uni started again, but guess what I did on my last day of school? I broke my toe and was bound to my bed and later to my sofa all through my free days. I had planned some fun activities for my Little Princess and also some short trips, so instead of ten days of relaxation I had more than six weeks of hobbling around with a giant and monstrous orthopaedic shoe.
But luckily I had a week of Whit sun holidays now: no uni, only two days of work and at least two sunny days and I am already feeling much better. I am going back to uni today but won't be working till Friday and my Little Princess is still away until Saturday with grandma for a holiday on a farm.
So I decided that I have to  slow down the pace and take time for myself again and take time to enjoy life and food -of course. So I will take enough time to relax, sleep well, read nooks that are not for uni and cook myself fresh meals every day . This was the first bento in ages that I did with no time pressure at all and it was fun and yummy.

So this bento features my lunch from yesterday: tagliatelle dressed with feta cheese(the real one, made of goats milk not the one made of cow milk they sell everywhere), my last green asparagus from my garden, blanched and chopped into small pieces, fried courgettes with oregano and olive oil had to use up the veg from my fridge and I always buy far to many courgettes in summer cause I simply love them) and to balance it all a fresh sweet and sour cucumber salad and a strawberry. Oh, in case your wondering, the flower is not only  decoration but edible. It is from my garden and I simply love its very rich and exotic smell-it always reminds me of the powerful perfume of flowering trees in Asia.

As I had a question on the edible flower:  The flower is a  Lemon Day-lily and is frequently used in the Chinese cusine.  And regarding the green aspargus. It is easy to grow it yourself, but you need some patience, because you are not supposed to harvest it in the first two years.

The box actually is new and is one of the reduced spare parts that I ordered from Bento&Co. It is a single layer of the Fresco box in turquoise, but with a black Fresco lid. Now that I have seen how great the turquoise Fresco box looks I really regret not having ordered it before it was discontinued.