Freitag, April 26, 2013

Bento #21-Back to life!

I did it it! Last Friday I  passed my grand final exam in Politics (Staatsexamen) and I am so relieved but also exhausted. Somehow I feel like all my energy has been drained by the enormous stress, extreme studying, sleep and food deprivation. Life was passing by and I wasn't part of it.

So to celebrate life and spring (actually it feels more like summer now) I made a salad bento with the promise of the summer soon to come. Just two weeks ago it was still freezing and now people tulips, cherry trees and lilacs are blossoming all at once-an explosion of spring and summer at the same time.

You might have wondered that I use strawberries in a salad, but I just love an Italian style salad with strawberries, ground black pepper and balsamic vinegar. Actually after I had taken the picture I even tried raspberries and grapefruit with it and it tasted just wonderful.
It seems what goes into salad is just a matter of culture. When I lived in Thailand I was astonished that Thai people at Pizza hut mixed vegetables and fruit in their salad. They had pineapple and melon with potatoes and green salad and onions. Well, I guess that is even too much for me .

 So here we have rocket (my favourite salad green in summer), with basil leaves, tomato wedges, little mozzarella and my favourite: sliced strawberries. As this was an improvised bento using the remaining contents of my fridge I didn't have any lettuce to balance the peppery rocket. What I also like doing is to add very thin Parmesan slices. Maybe next time.
My second bento tier was all Asian:

Chinese stir fried egg noodles with carrots, courgette, onions, egg and tomatoes and without garlic as this was my lunch for university and I am sure people there would not have appreciated it.

Isn't it a really pretty lunch? It for sure did a good job in  cheering me up.